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Our team is fully distributed. We work with top scientists and bioinformaticians around the world. Many of us are with PhD degrees from well known Universities. Our work is published in top scientific journals.

Our office is located in Akademgorodok - a large scientific research center near Novosibirsk in the very heart of Siberia. Akademgorodok is home for about 40 research institutes and 30,000 scientists that gives us quick access to a very large pool of expertise from various fields.

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Our Competencies


Sequence, SNPs, WGS, GWAS, Linkage, PRS, Structural variants, Single cell, Genome annotation, Imputation, Gene networks, Medical genetics, Metagenomics, Phylogenetics


DamID, MPRA, GFP, TRIP, Assembly, RNA Expression in tissues and single cells


Genomic selection, Breeding value estimation, Animal models, ssBLUP, Bayesian methods, Parentage verification/discovery, Data collection and quality control, Software development

Drug design

Drug discovery/design, Virtual screening, Molecular modeling, docking, dynamics, QSAR, ADMET, Target prediction, Bioactivity, Cheminformatics, Drug Efficiency prediction


Immunogenetics, Antibody engineering, Analysis of peptide sequences for solving problems of immunoinformatics

Data Science

Mass-spectrometric, Medical images processing (CT, MRI, X-ray), Analysis and modification of protein sequences

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Jon Trask

CEO, Dimitra

Maksim has worked as a contract Genetics specialist in the development of our Livestock Guru platform. His contribution to the design and development of the system was instrumental in successfully delivering the project. Maksim worked well with our team, was diligent in achieving his deliverables and has a sharp mind and attention to detail. I would be happy to recommend Maksim for your project.

Ekaterina Chernyaeva

PhD, Chief Scientist, Miratorg Agribusiness Holding

We worked with Maksim Struchalin in 2020-2021 to solve tasks related to the implementation of the cattle genomic selection program at our Agriculture holdings. Maksim performed analysis and filtering of phenotypic data collected on farms, genomic analysis and developed models for breeding value estimation for several traits. I can note the high professionalism in the field of Bioinformatics and Computational biology and compliance with the deadlines, which is very important.

Georgina Rae

Case Study in New Zealand eScience Infrastructure

Maksim Struchalin and fellow researchers at LIC, Livestock Improvement Corporation, have been conducting a world-leading PGP-funded study on sequencing the genome of dairy cattle which will be of enormous benefit to the dairy industry, the national economy and will also help researchers better understand human genetic disorders.